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Serve Locations for April & May 2014  (map attached)

North Foyer (position 6 on map)
Alena Bair (kids)
Tim/ Deena Fiorello (kids)
Argent Counts

West Parking (position 1 on map)
Nancy Kibler

Main Foyer (position 9 on map)
Lew Petteway
Adam/ Catelyne Ferrell (and family)

Main Foyer Steps (position 10 on map)
Sammy Owens
Brian Freeman

Position 8 (on map)
Greg Snyder
Marilyn Chandler

Position 5 (on map)
Brenda Watson
Sandra Briggs
Michele Johnson

South Entrance (position 7 on map)
North Campus Entrance (positions 2/3 on map)
Alice Goodson

East Entrance (position 4 on map)
Larry/ Holly Manning
Paco/ Camilla Lara (kids)


First Baptist Church of Ocala
2801 SE Maricamp Rd.
Ocala, FL 34471
(352)629-5683 P
(352)629-1934 F