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Bible Studies for Women

Small Group Bible Studies for Women

Studying God's Word together is one of the great privileges we have access to.  Several opportunities exist during the week to join women in studying God's Word either in a general or topical study.

Spring 2014 will start April 1 & 2. We will meet in Room 201/203:

  • Tuesday Mornings from 9:45 to 11:15 am
  • Wednesday Evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Childcare will be provided for infant through Pre-K on Tuesday mornings - but we need you to pre-register for childcare! On Wednesday evenings, there will be childcare and activities for infant through middle school children - no preregistration required for Wednesdays.

Spring 2014 Courses

Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask By Angela Thomas
Room 201/203 | Cost: $14 | 7 weeks

This Bible study for women looks at the heart of what women are thinking and feeling. Angela speaks to deep feelings that all women have at one time or another. She looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles of being a woman, and she helps us see how we can be brave in the face of those challenges.

It takes a brave woman to ask these questions and dig into these topics alongside other believers. We've all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles that we re afraid to address. But if we can be brave enough to raise the questions, God will answer us. You've got questions. God s got answers. Be brave. Ask.

* Why can't I get it together?
* Am I as invisible as I feel?
* What am I so afraid of?

James: Mercy Triumphs By Beth Moore
Room 205 | Cost: $19 | 8 Weeks

James, Jesus' own brother, started out as a skeptic. See how one glimpse of the resurrected Savior turned an unbeliever into a disciple. Bible scholars compare James to the prophet Amos. In other ways, James more closely resembles the Book of Proverbs than any other New Testament book. Topics in this study include: joy, hardship, faith, reversal of fortunes for rich and poor, wisdom, gifts from above, single-mindedness, the dangers of the tongue, humility, and prayer.

This course offers a 5-tiered approach:

  • Level 1: Watch the video sessions.
  • Level 2: Watch the video sessions and do the homework each week.
  • Level 3: Watch the video sessions, do the homework each week, and, as you study, write out the entire Book of James.
  • Level 4: Watch the video sessions, do the homework each week, write out the Book of James, and complete the "What could I do to go deeper?" section each week.
  • Level 5: Watch the video sessions, do the homework each week, write out the Book of James, complete the "What could I do to go deeper?" section each week, and memorize the entire Book of James.

Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free By Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Room C6 | Cost: $20 | 10 weeks

Satan is the master deceiver and his lies are endless. And the lies Christian women believe are at the root of most of their struggles.

"Many women live under a cloud of personal guilt and condemnation," says Nancy Leigh DeMoss. "Many are in bondage to their past. Others are gripped by fear of rejection and a longing for approval. Still others are emotional prisoners."

This study exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women -- lies about God, sin, priorities, marriage and family, emotions, and more. Then students will learn how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God's grace, forgiveness, and
abundant life.

Additional Opportunities

Monday MorningsThursday Mornings

Precept Upon Precept
The Book of John
9:15 am - 11:30 am
Room 201/203
January - April
Cost: $30

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)
9:15 - 11:15 am
Choir Room
Leader: Karen McGinnis
Dates: Ongoing
No Cost 


Do you have a study suggestion? We would love to hear from your on where God is leading you to learn more about him.  Send your thoughts to


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